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1509 S. Lamar Blvd. St. 600
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1. Where is One2One Bar located?
- 1509 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 600, Austin, TX 78704 - SEE MAP

2. How can I purchase tickets?
- You can purchase tickets to ticketed shows online from our show/event listings. Otherwise, tickets will be available at the door unless otherwise specified per the event or the show has sold out.

3. What is your refund policy? 
- Sorry, no refunds. All ticket sales go to the artist playing, so just think of it as supporting your favorite artist from home! I promise they will appreciate it!

4. How old do you have to be to attend a show?
- 21 and older, however, occasionally we will advertise a family friendly show. In that case minors are allowed with parents only.

5. Do I need an ID to enter the venue? 
- Yes, everyone will be asked to show a valid ID, (unless you look older than Betty White, then you're probably ok).

6. What time do doors open? 
- Doors generally open at 6pm, however we do have shows where doors are later, so please refer to the door time for the particular show you are interested in.

7. Does One-2-One have seating? 
- We do have limited seating, however it fills up quickly, so get here early for shows to be sure you will get a seat.

8. Does the venue have handicap accessibility? 
- The One-2-One Bar is 100% accessible.

9. Is there parking? 
- YES! 125 free parking spaces at your disposal! All in a well-lit, professionally maintained parking lot. Yeah!

10. What time should I get there in order to get a good spot to see the show? 
- As stated above, seats fill up quickly, so if you want to get a seat please get here early for the show you want to see. 

11. Does One-2-One offer food? What is nearby?
- We are strictly a live music venue and full service bar, we do not have food. That being said there are a multitude of restaurants and fast food options all within a few blocks of the venue. We also have a Starbucks and Dominos Pizza within the same center.

12. What about drinks? 
- One-2-One Bar is a full service bar with a focus on locally made liquors and craft beers.

13. Is there a dress code?
- The dress code is wear clothes. This is Austin, just don't come in naked and we will probably be ok with it!

14. What are your policies regarding photo/video/audio? 
- In fairness to the musicians playing, just ask them before recording. 

15. Is smoking allowed in the venue? * e-cigarette friendly
- Smoking is not allowed in the building, however a smoking section is available outside. We are also e-cig friendly and these are welcomed.

16. Can I leave the venue and come back/stamps?
- You are more than welcome to leave and then come back with a stamp from our door person, however, why would you want to? We will be having way too much fun for you to want to leave!