Email One-2-One Bar your booking request with the following questions answered as best you can.
1. What is your typical expected draw on a weekday, any time slot. (please be realistic.)
2. What is your typical expected draw on a weekend, any time slot. (please be realistic.)
3. Please list other venues you have played or regularly play in Austin, TX.
4. Please list band members/instrumentation.
5. Please list any other special requests or requirements.

*One-2-One Bar is a 250 capacity music venue
*Booking requests made without answers to questions above will be deleted.
*Booking requests made without links to website or EPK wiill be deleted.


  • Mail or drop-off a minimum of 3 standard size posters (11”x17” for example), at least 2 weeks prior to your show date. Please include date and time of your performance on them.
  • Mail posters to: 1509 South Lamar Blvd. Suite 600, Austin, TX. 78704
  • Once posters are received, we will make sure they are posted on time.
  • Weekly “residency” acts must supply posters with their weekly show-date and time as well.
  • Post your performance date and times on your website as soon as your show date is confirmed. (If you do not have a band/artist website, at least look into free promotional services such as or
  • Post your performance date and times on your social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You should have a Facebook “band page” set up, its free and takes only a couple minutes.
  • Create a Facebook event and tag/link One2One Bar’s Facebook page.
  • Create an event for free on and get your fans to “like” the event. This will help push your show date to the top of the do512 list for the day it is on!
  • Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Building up to your show date, rally your Twitter and Facebook followers to retweet your show posting at One2One Bar and to Share your Facebook event!
Please note, these are not just suggestions, this is a list of requirements in order to book a show at One-2-One Bar. These are simple yet powerful promotional tools to help you get your fans out to your shows at One-2-One Bar and make many new fans!
One-2-One Bar will promote your show to the best of our ability and expect you to do the same. Failure to meet these expectations may result in the loss of a show date.
One-2-One Bar’s #1 goal is to showcase Austin’s best local music, so help us help you!
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled set time.
  • Load in is from the main venue entrance.
  • Gear storage/staging: The door person can direct you to our equipment staging/storage area.
  • We allow plenty of time between acts for a comfortable sound/line check.
  • We have full PA and our own sound engineers available.
  • Mains: 2 powered tops: 2 BassMaxx - AT312
  • Subs: 2 Powered sub systems - 2 BassMaxx Z5/D-A (horn loaded) w/ 1500 watt amp.
  • Monitors: (all self-powered) QSC K10's, 1 JBL PRX618 for drum wedge (with 1 of the QSC on top).
  • In-Ear monitor systems will only be allowed if an early soundcheck has been scheduled and an isolated splitter is provided.
  • Mixer: 24 Channel - Allen & Heath QU-24 Digital Console
  • Stage snake is 24 ch with 4 returns.
  • 20' (width) x 15' (depth) with plenty of clean power available across the front and back of stage.
  • We have our own sound engineers who are used to running sound in our room nightly.  They will set up the monitors and FOH before handing an IPad over to any guest engineers.  This is to keep set change times to a minimum and make things run smoothly.
  • No outside consoles, speakers or any other production equipment will be allowed unless an early soundcheck has been scheduled.
  • In-Ear monitor systems will only be allowed if an early soundcheck has been scheduled and an isolated splitter is provided.
  • House EQ will not be changed and room will not be "rung out".
  • All engineers must mix using an IPad and must walk the room.  Mixing from console is acceptable only after a good mix of the room has been accomplished.
  • One-2-One Bar engineers have the right to take over any mix at anytime.

  • No outside video or audio recording allowed without prior approval

  • One-2-One Bar has a 4-piece drumkit and Bass rig available, but do not require you to use our back-line. However, keep in mind, that the quicker and easier the setup between bands, the more time everyone gets to relax and perform.
  • One-2-One Bar Drumkit back-line consists of: Gretsch Catalina (Birch) 18x16” BD, 12” Rack tom, 14” Floor Tom, hi-hat stand, throne and 2 cymbal stands. Drummers must supply cymbals, snare, bass drum pedal and anything else they require beyond that.
  • Bass rig consists of: Ampeg SVT Halfstack (4x10") Cabinet powered by a 300 watt Traynor head.
  • Check with door person for location of back-line equipment and staging area.
*** Please respect your fellow musicians/artists by starting on time and ending on time. 
  • Time slots vary per show and night and will be discussed when confirming show booking.
  • Please respect your fellow musicians/artists by starting on time and ending on time.
  • Our sound engineer will help you keep track of your set length
  • Band drink discounts: We will discount all band members tabs 25%. This discount is for band members only and does not include friends and family.
  • We ask that while you are on stage performing that you put on a professional show and monitor your alcohol intake. Please know your limit and put on a great show for your fans!
  • One2One Bar is a “cover only” venue. (No guarantee deals except for very select situations.) The more fans you bring to your show, the more you get paid!
  • One2One Bar utilizes a ticketing system that will allow your fans to pre-purchase tickets online and check in at the door using their credit card they purchased the ticket on. They can also buy tickets at the door using credit cards or cash and our system will track who came to see which artist on any given night.
  • Post direct links to your website, fan-mail and social media for tickets to your show! When people make plans ahead of time and have payed already, they have a real incentive to actually show up and also have the time to rally more friends to come to your show!
  • The cover/ticket price will be discussed prior to show date.
  • Payout splits: 90% to bands, 10% to house (Varies from time to time, but will be discussed prior to confirming show)
  • If you have any further questions, please email or call us ahead of time.
  • Bring your CD’s, t-shirts, posters and more to sell after your set, or bring someone to man our merch table area for you while you are performing.
  • We do not supply a merchandise sales person.
At One-2-One Bar, we LIVE for local Austin music and will do our absolute best to support each and every one of you to the best of our ability! We want One-2-One Bar to be your favorite performance venue in Austin! All that we ask in return, is that you take the simple steps listed above to promote your show and for you to put on your best, most professional performance and, most importantly, have a great time!